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Merry Mutts

Dog Training & Behavior Modification

Bushwick, NY Based | Virtual Available


About Me

IAABC accredited with over 10 years in the pet services profession, my approach to dog training is human first. That is, I am focused on imparting a science-based approach to dog training that will empower owners to create change with their current dog and see them through to successful relationships with all future pets. Each owner / dog duo is a unique team and I offer a personalized approach to help them reach their goals. 

Over the years, I have worked with clients and their dogs on a wide range of cases such as resource guarding, separation anxiety, overly timid dogs, new puppy basics, and elderly dogs experiencing new behavioral issues. I have a special place in my heart for working with owners struggling with leash reactivity.

Throughout my life, I have shared my heart with many dogs, cats, and exotics. I currently take up residence with Smokey, a Toto look-a-like super-mutt, as well as Prince Philip Marlowe, a large and in charge Putty Tat that enjoys training sessions too!


How It Works

Private Training

Walking Sessions

One-on-one training sessions customized to you and your dog. Comes with written notes.

The first session is 90-min @ $175. Each additional hour-long session is $125. No minimum purchase is required but some behavioral modification plans come with a suggested number of sessions.

Training walks with your dog.

Owner not required. Your dog gets some energy out and learns while you go about your day!

Initial consultation is required.

Rate: $45/session

New Puppy Skills

Overnight Pet Sitting

Sleepover!!! Snuggles and training in your home!

Limited availability.

Rate: Starts at $100/night

Puppies have short attention spans and so do we :-) Six mini-sessions (45min) in your home designed to start your relationship on the right paw!

Rate: $50/session

How It Works
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